High Purity Fluorocarbons and Rare Gases
periodic.jpg ELECTRONIC FLUOROCARBONS LLC (EFC). was founded to supply high purity Fluorocarbons to the Semiconductor and related industries. Our primary products are: Other high purity fluorocarbons and rare gases are also available

As the Semiconductor Industry, and other high technology industries continue to demand more stringent product specifications, new and better purification technologies are required to meet these demands. Utilizing patented and proprietary technologies, as well as state of the art analytical techniques, Electronic Fluorocarbons LLC meets these specifications.

In addition, our R&D activities continue to work on higher purity products and more exact analytical methods.

The availability of Ultra High Purity Fluorocarbons for Plasma Etching and related processes has become more of a problem, as domestic sources are limited. The mission of EFC LLC is to obtain product from global sources, purify it to the levels required by our customers, and provide detailed and exacting analytical reports. Our goal is to meet and exceed existing industry specifications.

We also continue to look at future need for UHP Fluorocarbons, and research new purification techniques and analytical methodologies. We also offer technical and analytical support to industry on UHP Fluorocarbons.  


Purity Plus

Committed to the Development of Ozone Friendly Products

We are dedicated to providing products that will reduce PFC emissions in the electronics industry.

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